Sunday, August 30, 2009

Part 11: A letter to Marijuana Moskovi

Dear love,

These days are full of sorrow, I saw the sky were too couldy like i do and feel like i'm always dream to be with you.. I don't know...

It's true that differences voice we are. Im so damn riddle with myself, what are the things that you really wanted? How hard it takes, by the wind it blows and every seconds should move on. People changes and hope that its changed for good.

As when i said, i'm so drunk of you, the wide meaning it was, even those liqours can't really makes me high.

Once, i'm talking to myself that when i found you it was a miracle. But i do wrong in my thoughts.

Everbody got experiences, that would influence every next step. I know, But why didnt you trust on me? And i wondered.

On my thoughts, you are a good friend of me. Because i did know you from several years ago, when we are still young. But i dont feel that we are such a lovers or a good friends?Look back, how do you treat me?

I remembered everythings on every part of our conversation and i still kept your handwritings. Thanks, for giving me a chance to be a little part of your life just for a short time. Appreciate that.

Please thrash all of your bad memories that playing on your mind.

When you said "full stop" that is the time to stop everythings.

So long and thanks for the memories. All the best and Take Care.

From Me,


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Anonymous said...

ermmmm,felt something..


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