Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey..Hey..I got something to share..its about detoxin

Ive just try this new product, Kinotakara. See above is my foot after i removed the Kino and its very oily on the area.

Kinotakara is best placed under one's soles. Both the western and eastern studies view the sole as an area that reflects the wellness of the body and often treat it as our "second heart."

This is why many of us like to get a foot massage. It eases the nerves, enhances blood circulation and consequently promotes better health. The problem with foot massages... is that they require someone to massage your feet and the time to do it... which is not always convenient.

Now, with Kinotakara placed under your sole, the packets help awaken your body, mind and spirit to a healthier, happier and more energized you.

Try Yourself today!

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ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

wah..dia sudah menjaga kesihatan..hehe


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